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IPO Twitter Tools (try the export feature after running a search!)

These aren't so much applications, as much as they are experiments. Much like Rocky's Adrian, they fill gaps.
They prolly won't last (or need to last) very long, but if they can help for awhile, I'm pleased.
      – @yoni (follow for updates)

DeepSearch – Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull back more than just a couple results at a time? Well, go to!

SearchFavorites – Technically, this doesn't *search* your favorites (the Twitter API doesn't really allow for that yet). What it *does* do, is grab all your favorites and then allow you to filter them quickly and easily.

Tweet-To-Blog – Twitter is great for following along an event in real time, but it can be a pain when it comes to catching up later. Here's a tool that lets you grab all the tweets with a particular hashtag and instantly flip the order so you can read them from start to finish. Easily export as a bulleted list to post on your blog. – @whitneyhess

SearchFriends – For now, like SearchFavorites, this doesn't really *search* your friends' tweets. What it *does* do, is grab your (chosen) friends' tweets, and then allow you to filter them quickly and easily.

TwInCommon – Ever have someone follow you and wonder, "Should I follow this person? Do any of my friends follow this person?" Well, this should solve that problem. Alternately, you can compare your friends/followers lists with people you know as well.
(Currently caps at 2,000 friends/followers.)

Let me be clear: these are not done. Then again, they prolly never will be. But they are for you.

So, whaddaya want? How can I help?

All I want from these is to make life at least a wee bit easier for some of my twitter-addict friends. So... help me help you, okthxbai!

search operators (Add a # to the beginning of a search term to find matching hashtags.)
(Use comma, space, or semicolon to search multiple friends. Protected users excluded.)
Followers Friends
Followers Friends
This is still very much a work in progress...
...and if too many people start using it, it'll prolly explode! ;)
Comments? Suggestions? Send me a message at @yoni.
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